No Need For Post Brexit Panic When You Hire The Proper Agent

Although Brexit has cast a tremendous amount of doubt on the British real estate market, property owners should not panic. Initial dire predictions do not appear to have fully borne out as property values outside of London appear to have stabilised in some markets. Even though London continues to experience depressed values, working with the right estate agent can make the difference between settling for transactions that are less than favourable or closing a deal where you lose money.

Jeremy James and Company has the experience necessary to ensure that you receive the most value for your money. Our agents specialize in property rental in Central London Marylebone area, for both residential and commercial properties. We are the Marylebone experts with more than three decades of experience in buying, selling and negotiating leases for all types of properties. Allow us to put our experience to work for you.

Looking for a Silver Lining?

Yes, it's true that prices in Central London are still depressed, so what does that bode for your prospects? Property Wire has indicated that as of September 2016 rents in Marylebone have fallen by 9.9%. While that figure can be alarming, you can make that work to your advantage. Do you have properties that have remained vacant? If so, lower prices on lettings can attract new tenants to your residential or commercial properties.

Sometimes prospective tenants are hesitant to rent a flat or commercial space in a more exclusive section of central London. With lower lettings, you can attract more tenants to your property, tenants who will love the location and will stay once the market has rebounded. As experienced agents, we know where to look and how to attract tenants who have previously hesitated considering a Marylebone property. What this means is you can have vacant properties filled, providing you with income instead of remaining vacant.

Shift Your Focus

Another market area that is a potential boom are millenials, many of whom already consider themselves as lifetime renters. By properly marketing to this group and touting the advantages of renting a flat in Marylebone, you can also entice an entirely different demographic into the area that will provide you with tents for many years to come.

How Jeremy James and Company Can Help

We have helped thousands of clients buy, sell and let real estate since 1981. Our experience has taught us to ride out downturns in the market and use them for the advantage of our clients. We have a wide-ranging knowledge of our area of central London, but beyond that, we used proven techniques that allows us to help you get the best value for your properties.

First off, we will develop a solid marketing plan for your properties that involves using a professional photographers and detailed floor plan to produce solid marketing materials. We will also use appropriate portals, such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and Lonres, to market your property along with appropriate print and web publications.

None of this matters, however, unless your properties are priced in the right manner and your leases are negotiated properly. Jeremy James and Company is your advocate for both. Contact us today for more information on how we can help let your properties.